Crypto scams are a reality and they’re everywhere, and they’re especially prevalent on Reddit, where you can get the scoop on these schemes before anyone else. It’s essential to stay aware of these schemes, and to avoid becoming a victim. These shady companies take advantage of the viral nature of the internet to sell their fake products and services. Many of these schemes involve offering to give you free bitcoin or digital currencies in exchange for your personal information or payment.

Social engineering scams also exist, and they are often carried out by individuals or groups who pose as legitimate entities, like a tech support person, a community member, or a friend. A good way to avoid falling victim to a scam is to do your research before investing. If you see an untrustworthy project with a low market cap, it’s likely to be a fraudulent one. Moreover, if the company seems to be claiming to have a lot of customers, you can’t trust its credibility.

A popular scam is rugpulls, where a scammer drains your funds from the liquidity pool. This type of scheme is very common among De-Fi. To avoid being a victim of rugpulls, always invest in a project with a trustworthy developer and an audited smart contract. In addition, you can check if the company is reputable by reading reviews. If the company doesn’t have these credentials, it’s probably a scam.