There are several ways to identify Forex Scam Websites. The first one is that the scammers contact you through cold calling. They usually insist on immediate payment and speak about their high-level qualifications. They are very convincing and use excel tables to prove profitability. Then, once you make a withdrawal request, the broker will tell you that you can’t withdraw your money. Then, you should immediately delete their emails and never contact them again.

In addition to using the internet, Forex scam websites target investors through email, marketing, and advertising. They will present an investment proposal that looks too good to be true. These companies often promise high returns with little effort. They are persistent and aggressive and can even call you on the telephone, which is common in this day and age. If you’re suspicious of an investment opportunity, it might be a Forex Scam Website. Just remember to check the domain before investing.

Another sign that the site is a Forex Scam Website is the use of photographs of famous people. These images are used to attract viewers. This is one way to entice you to join the scheme. It’s easy to get caught in these schemes if you’re not careful. Many fake sites use the images of well-known people, including celebrities. You’ll feel tempted to click on the picture and invest, but you’ll never make any money.