The fraudulent forex brokers blacklist is an online list of trading websites that are suspected of operating under questionable business practices. They include links to more information and complaint forms. If you think a particular broker is a scam, you can submit your complaint and the list will contact them to resolve the case. This will help the public stay safe from scammers. Below is a list of fraudulent forex brokers. You should avoid any of them.

A fake broker’s rating can be determined by checking the company’s website and contacting the regulating body. Legitimate Forex brokers will list their licenses on their website, which makes it easy to check the status of their license. Do not use a broker with a blacklist if it is not regulated. Instead, use a legitimate broker who has a long-standing reputation in the industry. These companies are not legitimate and should be avoided.

A scam broker’s website will usually have a false name and a fake address. The website will have a fake ‘forex broker’ sign. It will also be impossible to verify if the website is real. The scam broker’s website will be filled with fake testimonials from other traders. Some of these websites have negative feedback on them. These reviews can help you decide whether to trust them or not. They will not be able to provide you with any assistance in determining whether or not a particular company is legit.